Korey Livy is a man with boundless passion, pride and bucket loads of real life experience – he is a natural storyteller in performance and song.

Australian County Music audiences were first introduced to Korey when he toured with “The Brian Young Show’, ‘Tim McGraw Tribute Show’ and of course to a wider audience when he appeared as a contestant on Australian Idol in 2006.

A Toyota Star Maker finalists and CMAA graduate, Korey earned his stripes sharing the stage with Australian country greats, Kasey Chambers, Beccy Cole, Troy Cassar Daley, Melinda Schneider, Sara Storer and Lee Kernaghan. He cruised around the Caribbean as part of the Grand Ole Opry tour, getting up close and personal with American country greats Brad Paisley, Trace Atkins and Bill Anderson.

In 2000 Korey released his debut album ‘Home to You’ with songs penned mostly by him and produced by Nash Chambers. ‘Home To You’ the single worked its way to number 6 on the Country Music Radio charts later seeing Korey nominated for rising star and awarded best new talent at the Australian independent country music awards.

Fast-forward to 2007 and Korey began collaboration with Roger Corbett at The Valley Studio to produce his second album "That's The Way We Do It Round Here". This time collecting material from Australia and the US, as well co-writing with Drew McAlister and Roger Corbett. The result being a rollercoaster ride of an album jam-packed with energy and emotion.

In between recording albums and touring this award winning artist has given his time and commitment to various charity organisations, helping to raise awareness and much needed funds for Bush Fire Appeals, Cancer Awareness, Camp Quality and the Australian Catholic Church in its appeal to raise funds for the children of East Timor. Korey’s ability to sing you a story and make you laugh or cry is a real testament to his amazing life experiences and skill as a singer and songwriter.

In 2011 a grey cloud hung of Korey when He lost his closest friend and father Gerard Livy to a silent battle with depression, leaving him feeling lost and broken. Eventually as Korey describes it, he had to learn to live again.

2012 saw Korey once more team up with some of Australia’s finest songwriters and producers, Garth Porter, Drew McAlister and Roger Corbett, bringing the real life stories and raw emotion of his life into his new Album Route 63.

Korey believes that we take a few wrong turns in life but we’re all trying to get back to Route 63, the route of faith and courage. He has faith that there is light at the end of the road and more importantly He has the courage to continue to keep looking for that brand new day. “No more fear………………… of learning to live again”!!!

As a song writer you really want to sing your own songs as they have meaning to you however every now and then a song comes along that demands your attention and you feel an obligation to share that song with the world and thats exactly what happened when Korey heard ANZAC HERO.

ANZAC HERO is song that should never have needed to be written. For the men who fought in Vietnam, some who went willingly, and others that the government made the decision for them. 

Our involvement in the Vietnam action ended in 1972, but our troops weren’t given a welcome home parade until 1987. ‘ANZAC HERO’ was written to give those men, who fought and died, the recognition they deserve. Its an Honour that I get to tell their story, its not easy to listen to, but their story needs to be told. 

Lest We Forget.

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