Just to See You Smile

Just to See You Smile, is what Korey set out to do when he headed back into the studio to recreate Tim McGraw’s classic no. 1 hit song.  As Korey explains it “I didn’t write this song, but I can relate, you would do anything for the one that you love, even if it meant letting them go”.

My Little Girl

Country music veteran and Australian Idol star Korey Livy is a natural storyteller in performance and song. A multi award winning recording artist that has toured extensively through the Australian outback and beyond. Korey is currently based in Beijing China still sharing his love for music.


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KOREY LIVY is not afraid to say it how it is and that’s exactly what he’s done in his new single, ‘ANZAC HERO’, a song that should never have needed to be written. For the men who fought in Vietnam, some who went willingly, and others that the government made the decision for them. 

Our involvement in the Vietnam action ended in 1972, but our troops weren’t given a welcome home parade until 1987. ‘ANZAC HERO’ was written to give those men, who fought and died, the recognition they deserve. Not easy to listen to, but their story needs to be told. 

Lest We Forget.



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Country Rock at its finest, this hard hitting, catchy and addictive new style that tips the rock end of modern country music will keep you coming back for more. As Korey explains it we are all on Route 63, the Route of Faith and Courage. We have to have faith that there is light at the end of the road, but more importantly you have to have the courage to keeping getting up each day and looking for that brand new day!


Korey Livy takes his music to the next level with this hard hitting, catchy and addictive new style that tips the rock end of mordern country music. Never Give Up Never Give the single from In from his new Album Route  63 promotes the message no matter how big your struggle, 'Never Give Up Never Give In'.


‘That’s The Way We Do It Round Here’ was produced by Roger Corbett at The Valley Studio in the Blue Mountains seeing Korey cut his teeth on some new songs with co writers Drew McAlister and Roger Corbett. It’s jam packed with energy and emotion.” From the first track to the last, ‘Round Here’ is a rollercoaster ride every way you hear it.


"Earth Angels Care" was written specifically as the theme song for the "Fly-Away-To Heaven" project in 2008 lead by Father John Fowels and a small army of good people that wanted to make a difference.  Over $250,000 was raised in this inititive for the children of East Timor.



“Been There Done That” was filmed at the “Kinross Woolshed” close to home, it is now the host of Albury’s Annual Country Music Muster. It was shot by a local Girl Emma Dellinger, who did a great job. Friends and supporters came from near and far to be a part of the great day, even good friend Australia’s Strongest Man Derek Boyer, appeared in the clip. He got the taste for acting and went on to appear in cinema box office smash hit, D.O.A (dead or alive) and will be the star attraction on channel 7 new series Gladiator as the mighty “Thunder”. A great day was had by all, even the guys that blew their cars up and had to buy new tyres.

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